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Join the world’s highest earning IT professionals:

English For IT [2.0]

Online course for software developers and other IT people

Programmers with fluent English earn up to 3 times more

This course can be one of your best investments  in your life!

According to payscale.com, the average Senior Software Developer in the US earns $150,000 a year. That’s 3x more than in Poland.

The same ratio is found for Project Managers, Quality Assurance, Business Analysts and other IT positions.

Can you afford to lose thousands of dollars each month by not developing your full communication potential in English?

Today, hundreds of programmers from Poland who are fluent in English, work for companies in the US or Western Europe, right from their comfortable homes.

Many of my students have found their dream jobs, for example, in Australia – they earn 3 times more than in Poland, and surf in their free time.

   What problems do you have with the English language?  

(I will help you solve them):

I don’t have time to learn English

I’m having trouble finding the right words and phrases, when speaking

I don’t know how to memorize new vocabulary

I’m OK at explaining complex IT issues with my team, but I’m completely lost in small talk and casual conversation

I am very good at simple conversations, but when I have to present something to a client, I get so stressed that I forget simple words

It’s hard for me to keep motivating myself to learn English

I completely don’t understand what this Indian is talking about

It’s easy for me to talk to non-English speakers, but people from the UK have such a strange accent and speak so fast that I get lost in a it

I’m embarrassed to talk to people who speak much more fluently than me

My grammar sucks. I feel like I never use tenses correctly and feel stupid during meetings

I very often stutter and have a brain fog when speaking

Why this course  is so unique in the world scale ? 

I have 9 years of experience in teaching IT English

In this course you will find the essence of my 15,000 hours of teaching English to IT professionals in 1:1 coaching sessions – programmers, IT directors, managers, CTOs, QA, BI, data scientists etc.

Convenience and huge time savings – correct IT vocabulary collected and grouped in one place, available 24/7 and updated – you don’t have to waste dozens of hours searching for vocabulary. You learn much faster and more conveniently.

I know exactly your English learning problems and how to solve them quickly

The course is constantly being developed with new lessons, bonuses and vocabulary (e.g., recently with a lesson on AI and ChatGPT)

If there is a lesson missing for an IT topic that is important to you – you report and I will prepare it!

Lukas Creator

Instantly master English vocabulary for IT, so you can find your dream job in IT or increase your earnings

Both for people who want to get started in IT and for Senior Developers and IT Managers

Built-in tools to automate and facilitate vocabulary repetition

Thanks to the my own method of subject immersion, you will quickly learn not to translate from Polish to English in your head, but to think in English like a native speaker

 Is is possible to do it differently? 

this is  your career in IT without the “English for IT [2.0] course”: 

You probably already know very well from your own experience that to get the best-paying jobs and the most interesting projects in IT, you need to be fluent in English. Being able to read English-language documentation and send messages on Slack is definitely not enough.

 How can you learn English for IT without our course?

Business English courses where you learn 90% of the vocabulary completely useless for your IT career.

Conversations with a native speaker who is completely unfamiliar with the IT world, so you’ll be chatting about the weather, vacation plans and your dream car, instead of conrecete stuff.

Learning sporadically and on a casual basis from various courses and apps, which you will spend 5 times more time on, and still your vocabulary will be deficient in many areas.

Learning specialized vocabulary alone, without the ability to present yourself at a job interview, negotiate a raise, small talk while waiting for the rest of the call participants, present your insights and ideas at a retrospective, gather requirements from a client or present a demo..

  Content of the “English for IT [2.0]” course:  

Over  100 IT-business related lessons 

More than  3000 ready-to-use phrases  for every business situation

  Constant updates & new materials 

  Lessons   covering the most common teamwork and business situations:


  Lessons   covering the most common IT topics:


  Vocabulary   for the most common IT-business situations:


  Lessons  covering soft-skills and self-development topics:


Special  wordsets:  


  You can  take this course in several ways: 

  1. Well-designed course, that guides you step-by-step
  2. Additional bonus lessons that will interest you (tech news, self-development, IT job interview)
  3. Vocabulary sets for specific situations from the IT world
  4. Your own sets of words and phrases that you can add to the in-app flashcards

  Who  is the course for?

For everyone,  who wants to work IT  

and for everyone, who works in IT i and wats to increase his salary 

If  you want to start working in IT: 

  • A course that guides you step by step with engaging lessons
  • IT and business vocabulary:           well-organized and grouped
  • a wide range of IT-related            lesson topics
  • job interview & salary negotiation modules
  • flashcards – to repeat and memorize vocabulary

If you already work in IT, and  you want to grow your career and salary : 

  • Do you want to get a better job or start working abroad (remotely)?
  • You will find specialized lessons for daily work needs and situations
  • You save dozens of hours spent on searching  the right vocabulary on your own – everything is collected in one platform
  • If you lock for a very specific set of vocabulary – you can text me and I will create it specially for you:)

If you have a problem with fluent communication  in an English speaking team:

  • check the scheduling meeting modules, SCRUM daily wordsets, small talks, requirements gathering, presentations, expressing opinions,)

For companies, that want to increase their employees’ skills

  • My students work for Samsung, Atlassian, EY, Sii, J-Labs, CD Project Red, Asseco, STX Next, Komputronik, Fujitsu, Dealavo, RTB House, Amazon, and many others

For people at different levels of English proficiency – from B1 to C2

For those who want to quickly master specialized IT & business vocabulary and speak English fluently


 Hurry up! Join our community before the platform’s global launch and pay the lower price::

first month

10 /mo.

instead of 20 €

paid monthly

20 /mo.

cancel at any time

-30% discount

170 /year

instead of 240 € / year

secure payments:

   How to start learning with my course?  

  1. Click on “try now for 10 €”/register
  2. Pay for the first month
  3. You get access right away and start learning
  4. You develop your career in IT and increase your earnings


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English For IT [2.0]

Online course for software developers and other IT people