My name is Lukas Fabian

I am here to help you with developing the practical English communication skills needed in IT environment. One-on-one coaching is the best way to improve your English skills and the value on the job market. I encourage you also to join my English for IT platform --> https://app2.englishpro.it (to get the access to our closed membership program please leave me a message on my e-mail: lukasfabian@englishpro.it and I will send you the details about currently available slots). The platform is designed specially for IT professionals. On that course I will help you to learn English even if you have 15 minutes per day. Moreover on my live trainings, which are included in the course, I will show you how to land a better job in IT (or go global if you run an IT business and you want to reach new clients). If you live in the city of Wroclaw, we can meet personally at the stationary postgraduate studies: "English for IT Professionals and IT Managers", which I have co-founded and where I am the lecturer. The studies take place at the Wroclaw University of Economics. According to the experts from cio.com, communication between IT teams and business is today one of the biggest challenge of the IT industry. Missed deadlines, lost clients, difficulty to find the right IT talents who fit to international projects - this all is caused by weak communication. Today the cooperation in IT-Business is held mostly in English, that's why It would be a pleasure for me to take your English fluency to the next level and help you with finding a dream job (or making your business a global leader).

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Why we?

IT Professionals trained to work internationally
hours spent on soft skills development
less misunderstandings between IT team and global business
Better IT-Business English communication means more trust and credibility with your global clients, better contracts, less requirement changes and more long-term relationships. IT sfaff who can easily translate the IT language into business will finish your projects faster, at lower cost and with more customer satisfaction.
As Virtual Team Collaboration is becoming the leading way of software development, efficient English communication among the team members, project owners and vendors is essential. your consultants will be able to sell your vision successfully to any company in the world!
Lower cost of hiring IT talents - if your team can use English effectively in the cultural context, they will be able to work remotely with subcontractors from or India, Bangladesh or Philipines. We put a lot of attention for understanding the cultural differences, so the ROI of such collaboration will be higher.
Our soft skills training will develop the interpersonal and emotional intelligence of your workers. Many of great IT professionals could work for you, but they don’t know the German language. If you are prepared to work fully in English you will not lose the best talents in the very competitive job market.
Traditional English Course Englishpro.IT
1 to 1 business English
Online learning
Designed for IT Professionals
2 in 1 formula - English and Soft Skills Training
Fast learning with the Total Immersion Method: 2 coaching sessions per week + individual home learning plan.
Free analysis of your company’s needs to identify workers who need English the most.
Translating the IT language into business
Virtual Team Collaboration - preparation to work within different cultures and English accents.
Practical skills useful for IT projects (working in agile, daily stand-ups, calls, product presentations)
Minimum grammar, maximum speaking
Teaching oriented on self development and fun
100% of English Conversations
Organic learning - we correct and develop the vocabulary and expressions that are naturally used by the trainee and used in practice. No waste of time for words like “beehive” or “incisors”
24/7 flexible hours
30 day full satisfaction guarantee
No long term commitments, no contracts - we give the best Value and Quality on the market, so we believe you will stay with us anyway:)
  • We know the needs of IT professionals, because since 4 years we work only with them. We speak their language, we know how they think. We can make an exciting debate about best Java frameworks or exercise the application presentation using skype.
  • In every hour of English your workers get 2 hours of training. Imposible? Learn English by learning about effective communication between business and IT, leadership, international team-collaboration or time management.
  • We believe that everybody is unique and has different experience and goals in terms of English learning. That’s why we prepare the best tailor-made training for your IT professionals to make sure that they will make the fastest progress… and have fun:)
  • Get all benefits of the full immersion method and boost your skills fast. We surround you by English (also at your home) No useless grammar, only practical skills needed at work and life.
  • Probably your workers can already read and write in English quite well. We will help them to overcome the biggest challenge - verbal communication with the international team and clients.
  • We know that your workers are very busy. That’s why you can schedule the online meetings at any time between 7 am to 23 pm, 7 days in a week. Fully flexible - no additional charges included.


better communication between IT and business


less rotation of IT staff


most trustful and satisfied clients on the global market


We provide 1 on 1 coaching sessions online blended with the total immersion home learning plan. Each session lasts 60 minutes and is held 100% in English. The trainee has 2 sessions each week of the course at he time that suits him the best. This brings approximately 10 times faster results than group learning and 3 times in comparison to traditional individual lessons. We help you to choose the IT pros who need Business English the most and then we start working with them to leverage his English communication skills in IT-Business (the student should be at least at B1 level before starting the course, the goal is fluent communication in every area of IT industry (C2 level)



Peter Packer,

Front-end Developer
“ I really enjoyed the course, on the lessons we discussed with Lukas some TED videos which was very inspirational. I broke the speaking barrier very fast and today I have no problems to do stuff with developers from Poland, where my company operates."
thomas liebner

Thomas Liebner

Consultant at SHB Versicherung
“ I am an insurance agent, but my clients are from the IT sector - after the course it is much easier for me to speak with non-natives in Germany. ”

Damian Cangaris

Java Developer
“ I am a Polish freelance developer, I learned English to find clients from abroad, where I can find more profitable and interesting projects. I always got anxious when speaking with the customer on skype, especially in English. Many times I just didn't know what they wanted from me and had problems with reaction. The course changed everything and my problems disappeared. Today I have clients from United Arab Emirates,Switzerland and USA. ”

Susanne Fisher

Project Manager
IT Project Manager “Before I got the promotion for PM, I was a senior developer  which didn't require from me using English all day. Then suddenly I was thrown in a completely new situation - calls, meetings with clients, team building every weekend and hundreds of other situations which demanded from me a very high level of interpersonal skills. My friend advised me to call Lukas and this was the best decision I could make. I am not afraid of any situation which demands to use English."

Andreas Grunewald

CEO at Thimpress
“The best English course ever. Within 4 months I was able to speak fluently, despite the fact that before I felt ashamed to say something more than simple 3-5 sentences. I learned not only English but also how to handle my clients better. I even got ready-to-use questions to get requirements from clients.  Awesome. ”

Michael Schneider

Senior Front End Developer
“I can recommend it to every person working in IT. If you want break the speaking barrier, this course is definitely for you. What I really liked is that there were a lot of self-development topics on the lessons which gave me a lot of joy and value. The training is not only about learning English but about being a better person. ”





we give you a full 30 days satisfaction guarantee. No risk, no commitments, if you are not satisfied just write us an e-mail and we will give your company's money back without asking any questions.



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