Master IT-English Communication And Find A Dream Job In Most Interesting International Projects, Earn in USD, EURO or CHF, Directly From Your Home, By Getting The Access To Our IT-English Online Course.



According to payscale.com an average Senior Software Developer in USA earns $120,297 per year. It is  about 3x more than in Poland or Spain.

The same ratio occurs for project managers, QA’s, Business Analysts and any other IT jobs.  Can you afford loosing thousands of dollars each month by not developing fully your English communication potential?

Nowadays hundreds of IT pros from Poland, who are fluent in English,  work for companies in USA or Western Europe, directly from their comfortable homes.


Hi there,

My name is Łukasz Fabian and I would like you to thank you that you trusted me and  decided to spend few minutes to check what I have for you.

I can assure you that it will be probably one of the best investments in your life.

If you are here, it means that you have already got English lessons with me, because some time ago you decided that you want to raise your English skills to the next level.

What motivates you to learn English?

Maybe you decided to  raise your income significantly and learning English was the only way to do that.

Maybe you have started the job in international environment and now you feel stressed because of the calls, presentations and small talks with your English speaking team and clients.

Maybe you run your own IT business and you want to conquer the world.

Or maybe you are at the point in your life when you are fed up with boring projects and poor compensation in your current company, so you want to change your career drastically

Maybe you think about moving to Switzerland, USA or Australia.

No matter of your motivations you decided that you want to be fluent in English.

But did you know that you could do it much faster? Imagine that you can find  your dream job or get a salary raise not within years but just 6 months.

I have been in the English teaching business for 5 years. 95% of my clients are from the IT sector. I am a workaholic and I spend on individual coaching around 180 hours per month.

You can do the simple math and see how much time I have spent with front-end and back-end developers, CTO’s, PM’s, QA’s, BA’s  in the last years. I am not saying that to show off but to tell you  that  I know exactly your English learning problems and how to solve them.

I helped IT pros to get better jobs, find more interesting projects,  get promoted, expand their businesses and go global.

Once I had a student, Mateusz, who came to me after 8 years of unsuccessful learning. Public schools, private lessons, group lessons. A lot of wasted time and money. Unfortunately without any significant result. He almost lost hope, but was desperate enough to try one more time. Then within 1 year of collaboration with me he moved from A2  to C1 level

Of course it  was not easy. If course it required a lot of hard work from him. But is is possible. I helped him to find the right pattern to learn and his task was to implement it in life.

I had another student who is now a full stack developer in  Australia and last winter (when it was raining cats and dogs in Poland) he sent me a picture with him on a surfboard surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful sandy beaches somewhere in hot, sunny paradise… You can read more of such stories on my linkedin profile, but I would be really glad to write such story about you.

But what it means to you?

I know the learning problems of my students perfectly. During the hours spent with people like you I noticed the main problems which  repeated over and over again.

    • I don’t have not enough time for learning English.
    • I cannot overcome the barrier of speaking.
    • I have problems with finding the right vocabulary.
    • I don’t know how to memorize words.
    • I am ok with explaining complex IT issues with the team, but I am completely lost in the small talk.
    • I am very good at simple conversations, but when I have to present something to the client I am so stressed that I forget simple words.
    • It is hard  for me to be motivated all the time.
    • I have no idea what the Indian guy is talking about.
    • it is easy for me to talk with non-natives, but these  people from UK have such a strange accent and they speak too fast.
    • I am ashamed of speaking with people who are much more fluent than me.
    • My grammar sucks. I have the feeling that I will never use the tenses correctly and I feel so stupid during  the meetings.
    • I have very often black holes when speaking.

7 years of experience in helping IT people to develop their English in 1 course

The essence of +15 000 hours of private English coaching for Programmers,  Heads of IT, PMs, CTO’s, QAs, BIs, and data scientists, now available for you.


100+ real-life lessons with preselected vocabulary

– IT-related

– business oriented

– informative and fun



3000+ ready-to-use expressions for IT people to master EVERY business situation:

– daily SCRUM, planning, retrospectives, conference meetings, business calls

– small talk, everyday situations

– requirements gathering, change reporting 

– translating IT into business language and vice versa

– demos, product presentations, pitches

– IT job interview (HR and technical)

How much is it worth for you to be fluent in English?

According to recent Sedlak & Sedlak salary research people who speak English earn between 27% (lower positions) to 82% (higher positions)  more than their monolingual colleagues. Let’s say  you  have become fluent in English, you have got a good job position  in an international project and your have risen your income by 50%.  It means that if you earn 15 000 zl per month you can grow your income up to 22 500 zl per month just by learning English. This is about 90 000 zl per year and almost 1 000 000 within 10 years.

Not to mention that you can be like my student Mikołaj , who moved to Australia and earns now 3 times more by working with the newest technologies and with the greatest team,  while having a 365 day summer and probably the most beautiful view from the window in the world.

So how much does it cost? If your earn 10 000zł and  after this course you raise your salary only by 10% (which is the most pessimistic scenario)  you will make additional 12 000 zł within the first year and this should be the fair price for this course. Instead of that the price is 194zł/month. But since you are my current (or former) student I will give you a 50% discount, so the price for you is  97zł/month. I decided to give such a low price because this is my new project  and I want to give a special premium for people who will be the first. This discount is also available for all of your friends.  But within  the next months I will probably double or triple the current price and still it will be a very good proposal.  You get a 7 days trial period for just 1 eu and 30 days money back guarantee.

Check it out for 1 zł for the first 7 days. Then for 97zł / month.

30-Day Money-Back
Guarantee. No agreements.No risk. You can cancel the subscription at any moment.