“I have so much work, if only I had more time…”

“Tomorrow I will finally start learning English!”

“I’m 42 now, it is already too late to pick up a foreign language”

“I don’t have time for courses, I have family to feed!”


I am going to surprise you, but there is no such a thing as “I don’t have time” in the real world “. We all have 24 hours during each day. Every person needs to eat, sleep and do their daily tasks. So, how is it possible that some of people have time for everything, while others struggle to take their own children to and from kindergarten?

It is all about setting your priorities.

Have ever noticed, that so many people are complaining about lack of time for the gym or learning a new skill but they have always time for their favourite TV-show or scrolling down the Facebook wall?

Maybe this sounds very familiar to you? I am not here to judge you. I am here to help you manage your time more efficiently, so you will be able to find time for English. No matter how busy you actually are.

You may ask me “How can I do this?! I really have no time, because I am swamped with work!”

The key of success in any field of your life is to put in work prioritisation. It means that you need to sit down, take a deep breath and choose which daily activitiesare most important for you and which are not. Then you should prepare and write down a daily schedule, which will contain all of your most important goals for each day of the week. Plan at least one week in advance. It  will save you enormous amounts of time and help you stay focused only on the type of activities that move you forward in achieving your goals. Easier said than done?

Well, maybe at the very beginning you will feel a little overwhelmed by the chaos you need to order.

To start with, you should exclude activities, which are absolutely unnecessary in your life.

You can’t find any? Hmm, let’s see…

Is the daily news at 8 pm really so important to you that you can’t live without it? How many minutes per day to you spend watching funny cat movies or pranks on YouTube? Does commenting on a Facebook picture of your friend eating sushi make your life better? You know the answers…

Maybe you would say, “ooh.. Come on, those are just harmless time fillers!”. In fact, they aren’t. On the contrary, as your time goes by, these blissful minutes of doing nothing vital turn into wasted hours, days, weeks and finally months and years! Are you convinced yet? Remember:


Today is the first day of the rest of your life.


The maxim above should hang on the fridges and computers of every entrepreneur or managers house. It should also hang on your fridge and laptop too. There is nothing more valuable in the world than your time. Even money derives from the input of time you devote on work.

Another reason why time is so valuable is because you have no possibility to buy it. Of course if you are an entrepreneur you can always hire people and use their time. But you can never hire someone to spend the time with your family or learn a new skill.


Ok, you got me, but what the heck does it have to do with learning English?


English belongs to the things you can’t buy.  Obviously, you can purchase English lessons, but you will never acquire a language unless you sacrifice a significant amount of time on it. No matter how much you will pay for personal tutoring or materials. No matter how sophisticated the method of memorizing words and grammar you have discovered are.


This is simply how hour universe works – the most precious elements of our life are not to buy. But the good side is that you can always use your time in a better, more efficient manner. In short you can stop throwing away your time away and invest it into English lessons.


The starting point is to find some time during the day just for learning business English. It is easier than you may think. Just follow these two-steps:


Step nr 1:


Firstly, you should take your schedule and fill it with small chunks of time designated only for language learning.

If you don’t have an organizer, Google calendar will be perfect for this. I have been using it for years and what can I say is that this simple tool raises your effectiveness twofold. Remember, that you need to organize yourself some time each day. It can even be just 15 minutes, but it will develop the most vital traits to learn any skill, including English, which are: consequence and persistence.

 Step nr 2:

Secondly, you need something to eradicate all of the distractions like Facebook, YouTube, reddit and so on.

For most people it would be very hard to do it only by the strong will. Let’s be honest – we are addicted to these services. So we need to take radical steps.

Fortunately, technology is giving a helping hand.

There are already specialized apps, which will fight these problems. Heyfocus.com is one of them. Simply install it on your computer or smartphone and enjoy pure productivity. It may shock you how much more you will be able to finish in the same period of time.

Ok, that is all. I’m sure these tips will help you to be an accomplished Business English learner. See you!