Whilst I was at school, English was just another boring subject for me, which I had to rattle through.  It may be shocking for you, but during 5 years of English classes at my primary school, then another 4 years in the High School and finally 3 years at my University, not one of my English teachers even devoted 10 minutes to explain “Why actually should I learn English?”

And there is nothing more boring for a teenager than doing something just because someone told you to do it. Without giving a single reason WHY.

So, I went from one class to another, passing all of the tests and exams, even getting A grades, but gaining no real English skills. By saying “real skills” I mean practical English that I could use in my daily life.

How is it possible that despite a tremendous amount of time spent on English classes, I couldn’t learn anything more than just saying, ” My name is Lukasz and I live in Opole”? The answer is very simple: like most of the students, I gained the ability to pass tests only in order to satisfy my teachers and parents expectations.

At that time learning just for myself was a pure abstraction.  My “system” was very simple: I absorbed a small part of English needed to pass the test and the next day after the exam I forgot all of it. Just like every student, I didn’t want to clutter my brain with useless information. Back then it made sense. But today I see how much time had I wasted. If only I had a right motivation…

Does this story sound familiar to you?  If you belong to the 99% of people who struggled with the public educational system, the answer will be yes.

Why do you have no chance in learning English efficiently at your school class?

It is because you had no true motivation to do so.

In fact, omitting the motivational part of the learning process is, to say the least, INSANE. Remember: MOTIVATION IS EVERYTHING in every field of your life activity.  Imagine what would happen if you had no motivation to go to the toilet, when you got to pee…

Today nobody forces you to learn a foreign language (except maybe your boss, but he is an idiot ).

So why should you learn English?

You feel, that opening the English guidebook would maybe have a positive impact on your life… But this motivation is far to weak to actually make you start doing something. I have been going through all of this. And I discovered there is only one way to make you crave one more English lesson.


I don’t know you yet, but I can bet that MONEY triggers you in all of this.

So today I will give you two very strong arguments why you should learn English, because of money.

Very Strong Argument Nr 1:

Employees who speak English earn 25% – 35% more than those who are not acknowledged with the language of Shakespeare.

What does it exactly mean for your wallet?

Lets presume that you make $40,000 per year in your current occupation. In this case, achieving a decent level of English will increase your salary up to about $50,000 – $54,000.  That’s $10,000 – $14,000 additional income in one year, $100,000 – $140,000 in 10 years and $300,000 to $420,000 in 30 years!!! Imagine, that you could save enough money for a new house just by investing some time in English learning! Is this not a good enough reason for you? Go to the next point:

Very Strong Argument Nr 2:

After you achieve English proficiency, you can sell your knowledge for 3 to 6 times more than before.

Do you teach people playing guitar? Maybe you are good at finances? Or you know everything about dog care?

No matter what you are good at, there are people who want pay for it. And in the era of the Internet you can live in one country and sell to another. There is a world of difference between selling an eBook to people from the Ukraine, where the average salary is about 350 dollars/month and in Switzerland where people earn 6000 dollars/month.

You can sell your course about “how to cut a cocker spaniel’s hair” for about 10 dollars in one country or for 50 dollars on the world market”. All you need to do is to gain the ability to create stuff in English. Do you see the difference between making 100 dollars/month by selling a course to a 40 million Polish audience and making 3000$/month by reaching 1 billion wealthy people across the world?

Of course there are hundreds other financial reasons to learn English, and even thousands that are non-financial.

The most important thing is to find what REALLY motivates you…

I hope that you already learned something about the motivational aspect of your learning process.

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