You can learn English through a lot of effective and efficient ways.

The first question is: should I attend a group training or maybe I should sign up for individual lessons?

One-on-one English conversation lessons are of course more tailored to your needs.

If you only find a good and passionate teacher who really loves his job, you will get the best outcome for the time spent. You will speak more and therefore you will notice a faster progress.

When your coach knows what you need, he will be directed to the things to do and styles of teaching that will best suit you.

Aside from that, he can produce more rapid and amazing outcomes in the end. If you want to experience that, you can rely on a teacher who employs one-on-one strategy.

Compared to the instructor who is assigned to teach various learners at the same time, he cannot give enough attention to all of them as the job is truly complicated.

He cannot provide individualized lesson as he will have a hard time to be aware with the learning styles of his many learners. One thing is for sure, he cannot achieve         100 % learning among all of his learners.

In larger classes, there are students who are miles away from other learners and there are a few who are behind. In this connection, the latter students may be frustrated or bored as they do not receive all of the lessons they need in order for them to learn English.

When this happens, there is something wrong with the teacher. So, this person should be well-equipped with knowledge in teaching a wide variety of students.

One-on-one English conversation lessons are very effective especially in helping you as a single student to learn all of the things you need to led a succeessful conversation.

The teacher can correct your mistakes in real time, which is crucial when you want to make a fast grammar and pronunciation progess.

You will be given an individualized instruction that is based on your relevant needs, interests, and wants.You will be provided with a kind of environment that you can completely enjoy. You can have in mind that learning is exciting and exhilarating as well.

Group learning on the other hand is working in a small group and provides you the chance to articulate all of your understandings and ideas, uncover misconceptions and assumptions, and negotiate with other people in a group, which in turn will create a product, achieve the learning target, and be able to reach consensus.

When a facilitator integrates group learning in teaching English conversation lessons, you as a language student will definitely learn in a fun or thrilling way.

You will be able to ascertain more profound meaning in every lesson that you will take, improve your thinking skills, and enhance your social conversation skills while using the language.

Aside from that, you will experience other benefits that you can bring for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, you will learn to speak in English proficiently and you can say that all of the English conversation lessons are efficient and responsive to your individual needs. Here are the following advantages that you can encounter when group learning is being employed:

  • Interpersonal development. If you are afraid to interact with a lot of individuals and you find it difficult to speak the language, you will be extrovert with the use of group learning.


  • Meaning, you can talk to other people in a group confidently. You will not feel inferior as you will be properly trained with a certified professional teacher. For sure, you will be shocked how you make a discourse or a conversation in a group that you can bring and apply in a real setting.


However, when your teacher is not that competent and he provides a kind of atmosphere that is threatening, perhaps you will never learn from him. In other words, all of the teachers of the English conversation lessons should have the ability to make the learning environment engaging and interesting.


  • More chances of receiving personal feedback. When there is something wrong with the way you speak or with the things you do in every activity, you will be given a constructive criticism that you can use as a personal feedback.

In this way, you can correct yourself and you can do the activity properly. Nevertheless, you do not need to take it as personal rather utilize it as a way for your improvement. Therefore, you will have a better learning from English conversation lessons when it is through group learning.


  • Accepting diverse people. In this type of learning, you will be exposed to people with diverse background, different learning styles, and different cultures, which in turn can help you accept and acknowledge them.

When you are equipped with proper skills enough to communicate with many kinds of people, you can use it in a wide variety of things like in your business.

To sum it up, in one-on-one English conversation lessons, you will be provided with individualized teaching that can make the learning process much faster and set for your individual needs.

In Group learning, you will be given the chance to overcome your inferiority that will lead to speaking well in front of various people.

In addition to that, one-on-one and group learnings are great in supporting you to learn oral and written language.